Embark On Your Adoption Journey With Us!

We offer adoptions on a first-come first-served basis.

Our adoption center is located at 550 Route 22 Pawling NY 12564 and is open to walk ins from 11 am-1 pm and 5:30 pm – 7pm Tuesday to Thursday

On Weekends we are usually mobile doing adoption events at petstores or community events. Check out where we are any given weekend here

If an adoption counselor is not available to assist you immediately, you will be added to our wait list. Wait times vary. 

To Adopt a Dog:

  • Interested dog adopters are encouraged to complete a Dog Registration Form prior to visiting in person to make the process as smooth as possible.
  • Walk-ins for dog adoptions are accommodated as available during open hours or adoption events.
  • During your dog adoption appointment, an adoption counselor will spend time talking with you about the kind of dog you’re looking for and will introduce you to dogs at our Adoption Center. 

To Adopt a Cat:

  • Interested cat adopters are encouraged to complete a Cat Registration Form prior to visiting in person to make the process as smooth as possible.
  • Visitors can meet available cats in our lobby area during open hours or when we are at the PetSmart in Poughkeepsie NY.
  • During your visit, an adoption counselor will spend time talking with you about the kind of cat you’re looking for and will introduce you to cats at our Adoption Center.

Submitting an online Registartion for an animal only expresses interest, it does not put a hold on that animal or guarantee that you can adopt them.

You must have an adoption registration on file to meet any animal who is residing in one of our loving foster homes.

Most of our animals are ready to go home with you the same day you meet them!

Dog Adoptions Fees are $525 and include spaying/neutering, microchipping and age-appropriate vaccines. 

Cat Adoption Fees are $200 and include spaying/neutering, fiv testing, and age-appropriate vaccines. 

Adoption Fees are non-refundable. Happy Life Animal Rescue is run completely on donations and requires them to keep helping the animals. 

Adopters are required to be at least 18 years of age.

If you rent we highly encourage you to check with your landlord for any restrictions. Some landlords restrict the amount of and size of animals that are allowed. 

Happy Life Animal Rescue will not deny adopters the right to adopt based on where they live

Adoption Process-2

Happy Life Animal Rescue Behavioral Adoptability Guidelines

At Happy Life Animal Rescue, we have a responsibility to make safe adoption placement decisions for the people and animals we share our community with. All of the dogs we care for are evaluated as individuals. We gather information about each dog from multiple sources (staff, foster placements, previous guardians, volunteers, etc.). While we evaluate each animal on a case-by-case basis, in general, Happy Life Animal Rescue will not adopt out dogs who:

  • Have a damaging bite history towards children or adults.
  • Do not show warning signs before they attempt to bite.
  • Have severely injured or killed another dog.
  • It cannot be safely handled due to aggressive behaviors.
  • Show offensive aggression towards humans (actively decreasing the distance between themselves and the person they are aggressing towards).
  • Stalk children in a predatory manner.
  • Show uninterruptible aggression towards other dogs.
  • Show poor bite inhibition (the degree to which the dog moderates tooth contact in the case of a bite).

Cats too are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and, in general, Happy Life Animal Rescue will not adopt out socialized, indoor “house” cats who show offensive aggression towards humans or who bite without provocation. 

Bites that are determined to be fluke bites are not considered aggression. Fluke bites are bites by a dog that occur during uncommon circumstances that are not likely to be repeated (e.g. while in acute physical pain, while with puppies during lactation, while under sedation, waking up from sedation, etc.).

Happy Life Happy Tails

Max 2

Hi Jessica – Max is doing great.  He’s such a good boy.  So sweet with adults, kids and other dogs.  He’s been easy to train because he’s smart and especially loves treats.  He’s a big boy now, probably about 65 lbs.  He spends his time in NYC during the weekday at doggy daycare playing with other pups and on the weekend we usually head upstate NY where Max can get in some good country air running around in the yard and hiking in the woods.  He’s been a great addition to the family and my kids adore him!  Thank you for letting us adopt Max!

 Here are some pics.


Karen Ivanac


So here we are weeks later… and as a postscript to our adoption, we just wanted to let you know we could not be happier with Penny! She is a very sweet dog with a friendly, happy demeanor. She turned out to be a very good fit here. Honeypie LOVES this mutt!



Everything is going well with Snow Flake who’s has been renamed Cassie.  She has doubled her weight since the adoption and is settling into the new environment.

– Kevin


GEMMA (Tic) will be with us a year in August and we absolutely adore everything about her! I believe  that she is the sweetest, most gentle girl because she was cared for and raised in a loving foster home. She definitely loves being a part of the family and loves every single person  she meets ..so thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the mist wonderful baby girl in the world.?


Hello!  I wanted to send a positive review & puppy update on Hank!  (Formerly “Diego”) adopted on 10/14/17.  He is the best thing that could have ever happened to us 🙂  Hank is perfect and brings so much joy to our lives.  It was such a pleasure working with you & we look forward to adopting a sibling for Hank next year!  Here are a few pictures from the adoption day ride home to present…Enjoy!  Thank you for everything.

Peace, love & joy!


Angela & Trey Connell


Hey! Good morning! Just wanted to let you know what a good fit Spartacus has been! He is already comfortable in the house and playful. Thanks, again!



All is good here with Dash!

We love him and he loves us 🙂

Thanks so much!

Victoria, Anthony, Lilla, Alessia and Dash


Ms. Ivy is settling in here at Putlake very nicely! She has napped, explored a few feet here& there, peed& pooped and ate dinner. Our ‘girls’ seem to have accepted her completely, no issues- so all is well. Thanks so much& a happy & healthy New Year to you all.



“Olive”, now Tesla (aka Tess) is doing great!! She is the center of our life. Well trained (by us) she knows to ring the bells on the doorknob to go potty, has learned sit, stay, come and knows to wait for food until command, she plays well with our friends dog, small kids and tries to play with the cat, but he’s just not interested. We just asked her the other day if she’s glad she chose us as her family, but she wasn’t being very talkative lol. She is up to date with the vet and we will be getting her fixed in a couple weeks. Although she initially looked mostly like a yellow lab, something else is showing through maybe a hound?…her little nose never stops sniffing and tracking. We can’t thank you enough for bringing her to us and for all that you do!


Good afternoon,

During this time of appreciation, my wife and I can’t be more grateful for bringing Max (formerly Tango) into our home. He is everything we wanted and more and wanted to show you how our boy has grown over time since we adopted him in August 2017. Enjoy!

Thank you,

Gonzalo, Parthena and Max D’Alessandro